Vampire Survivors Duplicator Achievement Guide

The Duplicator can give an Amount buff to the players in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror game where players have to survive the night creatures and make it till dawn. The game has a number of passive items that can provide different buffs to players. We have already discussed how items like the Stone Mask and the Spellbinder can help players by increasing the number of coins and duration of weapon effects. Today, we will take a look at how players can complete the Duplicator achievement and its benefits in Vampire Survivors.

Duplicator In Vampire Survivors



This passive item increases the Amount by +1 per level. However, the Amount buff provided by the Duplicator is not applicable for the Garlic, Soul Eater, Pentagram, Clock Lancet, or Laurel. This item gives a boost to weapons by increasing their potential. The extra projectile grants added damage as well as protection.

Items like the Axe and the Fire Wand pair up really well with the Duplicator. However, the Magic Wand does not reap the same rewards from this item. Therefore, players will need to test out what weapons work best with this item to get the most out of it. When used correctly, this item can be indispensable for the players.


Players can unlock the Duplicator achievement by getting the Magic wand to Level 7. The Magic Wand is the starting weapon of Imelda Belpaese. Players can claim this weapon from the start as it is unlocked by default. It can be evolved into Holy Wand with the help of an Empty Tome.

Duplicator Effects

The Duplicator gives a +1 per level Amount buff to players. It has two levels. At its maximum level, the Duplicator provides +2 Amount. It has a Rarity of 50.


That is all there is to know about the Duplicator item in Vampire Survivors. For more Vampire Survivor content, Can You Kill Death In Vampire Survivors?