Vampire Survivors: How To Get Stone Mask

Learn how to unlock the Inlaid Library and complete the achievement.

Stone Mask is an passive item in Vampire Survivors that can increase the Greed stat for players. This means that players will be able to earn more coins. At its max level, the Stone Mask can provide players with +50% Greed. However, players will need to unlock the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors. In today’s guide, we will explain how players can find the Stone Mask and complete the achievement.

How To Get Stone Mask In Vampire Survivors?



To get the Stone Mask, players will first need to unlock the Inlaid Library. This can be done once players reach Level 20 of the Mad Forest stage. This is quite crucial to finding the Stone Mask as it is located inside the Inlaid Library. Once players have unlocked the stage, they will be able to enter it.

Players should enter the Inlaid Library and move towards the right side of their map. To find the Stone Mask, players will need to keep moving right till they find it on a crest between two bookcases. However, the exact bookcases vary from player to player. So, players will need to keep an sharp eye out for the item. It will be shining slightly so players will be able to spot it without great difficulty.


Once players find the Stone Mask, they should pick it up and select the Get option in the pop up prompt. This will complete the Stone Mask achievement and add the Stone Mask to a player’s loot items.

Stone Mask Effects

As players know, the Stone Mask affects a player’s Greed stat and they can earn more coins due to it. However, there are 5 different level of the item. Each level gives a different percentage of coins. At Level 1 of the items, players earn 10% more coins. Meanwhile Level 2 and 3 give 20% and 30% more coins to the players respectively. A Level 4 Stone Mask can provide players with 40% more coins. Meanwhile, Level 5 will earn 50% more coins for players.


This is how players can get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors and complete the achievement. For similar content, check out Vampire Survivors How To Get Concetta