Vampire Cookie Guide In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

If you want Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, refer to this guide.

Among the other cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, Vampire Cookie is one of the cookies you ought to have in your battalion. Being of the Ambush Type, his attacks are effective and his skill is impeccable. He is better positioned in the rear of his team. Vampire Cookie is an Epic Cookie and has a 19.3% chance of occurring in the Regular Gacha. In this guide, you will learn how to get the Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Get Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

vampire cookie in cookie run kingdom

In order to summon the Vampire Cookie in CRK, you have to use the Regular Gacha. You can either use Cookie Cutters that you get by completing various tasks in the game or you can use Crystals in the Regular Gacha to get him.

As mentioned earlier, the plausibility of getting the Vampire Cookie is not much, but you can still collect the Vampire Soulstones to summon him. You will need 20 Soulstones initially to unlock him and another set of 20 soulstones to increase the rank of the cookie.

Now that you know how to summon the Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, you might to learn about him to play him in the game.

How to Play Vampire Cookie?

Vampire Cookie is an Ambush type. His Skill allows him to become a bat and attack the farthest enemy. And gains the remaining HP of the enemies by drinking their blood. Also, he drinks enemy’s blood during his regular attacks. This makes him a solid addition to your set of Cookies.

The recommended Topping for Vampire Cookie is Searing Raspberry (x5). Alternatively you can add Bouncy Caramel (x5) too. Or you can add both Searing Raspberry (x3) and Bouncy Caramel (x2) as toppings.

Now you know all that is necessary about Vampire Cookie in CRK. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, feel free to check out Sparkling Cookie Guide Cookie Run Kingdom and Werewolf Guide Cookie Run Kingdom.