Cookie Run Kingdom Sparkling Cookie Guide

Want to know how to unlock and play Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? This guide carries the answers you need.

Sparkling Cookie is an Epic Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. He is famous for his looks and etiquette. Sparkling Cookie is considered to be the Gentleman Cookie. Refer to this article and learn how to unlock and play Sparkling Cookie in the game.

How to Unlock Sparkling Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?


sparkling cookie in crk

Similar to the other Cookies, You can always this Cookie in the Regular Gacha. Being an Epic Cookie, there is a slightly higher chance of getting the Sparkling Cookie. Approximately, there are 19.27% chances of getting the Sparkling Cookie in the Regular Gacha.

Use the Cookie Cutters in the Gacha to obtain the cookie. Or you can also use Crystals in order to gain Sparkling Cookie. If you didn’t gain this cookie in the Gacha, don’t lose hope because there is another way to unlock Sparkling Cookie in CRK.


You can unlock Sparkling Cookie using the Soulstones. You can get these Soulstones in the Gacha. Also, you can get the Soulstones in the rewards which you get after completing several challenges in the game while progressing through the levels.

How To Play Sparkling Cookie?

Now that you know how to unlock Sparkling Cookie in CRK, you must learn how to play it in the game. As mentioned earlier, Sparkling Cookie falls under the Healing Class of Cookies. His preferred position is in the back of the battalion.


Being a Healer Cookie, he throws rejuvenating cocktails to only two Cookies who have taken more damage than the others in the battle. Also, the sweet smell of the cocktails, elevates the ambience around the Cookies which help them to recharge themselves.

Sparkling Cookie has 13 seconds of base cooldown time. And his preferred topping is x5 Swift Chocolate Topping.

Now that you know how to get and play Sparkling Cookie in CRK, go ahead and play the levels with this gentleman of a Cookie. Hopefully, this article proved helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out Herb Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom and How to Almond Cookie in CRK.



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