Undawn: How To Get A Pet

Living in the zombie apocalypse doesn't have to be boring. Now get a pet in Undawn with the help of this guide.

In Undawn, players can get a pet whether a dog or a cat. They can also have more than one pet or multiple pets. Do not worry, they will be completely safe once you get them, as they will live in the Homestead in the game. You also require Pet Trust Points to get some special ones. Here is how you can get them.

How to Get Pet in Undawn

get pet in undawn
Image Credits – uNorah on YouTube
  1. You can get pets in Undawn after completing special missions. You also have to be at level 52 to get a pet in the game.
  2. Once you reach that level, you can go to the Mission tab on the right side of your screen. There will be a new Mission named Pet. Select Track Mission to get started.
  3. Then you will have to travel over the Raven Shelter and you will get an option to confirm having a pet. Select Confirm and then you have to go to your Homestead.
  4. Then drag open your Build menu and find the Standard pet room in the Interior section. This should help you get the pet room.
  5. Furthermore, proceed to place it at a convenient place inside your Homestead lawn.
  6. You can then tap on the pet house and select the Adopt a pet option. You will get various options to choose between cats and dogs in the game.
  7. Each pet’s description is given at the bottom left of the screen and so is the option to Obtain them. Once obtained, they will appear in the pet room.
  8. You also require Pet Trust Points (PTP) to get some kinds of pets.

This is how you get a pet in Undawn. Now let’s look at the types of cats and dogs available in the game too.

Types of Pets in Undawn

types of pet in undawn


  • Little Tiger
    • 60000 PTP
    • Leopard cat with spots.
  • Milk Candy
    • Free
    • White domesticated cat.
  • Sansan
    • 15000 PTP
    • Calico cat with black, orange, and white fur.
  • Miracle
    • 15000 PTP
    • Blackhouse cat
  • The Count
    • 60000 PTP
    • Shorthair grey cat


  • Lucky
    • 880 points
    • Shiba Inu
  • Woodwork
    • 980 points
    • Siberian Huskies
  • Beck
    • 60000 PTP
    • Doberman
  • Nebula
    • Free
    • German Shepherd

This was all about how to get pets and the type of pets in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get combat points in Undawn.