How To Get And Present The Kitchen Surveillance In Tears Of Themis

The kitchen surveillance footage evidence will help you solve the Hand that feeds case in Tears of Themis. Here's how to get all evidences.

Tears of Themis will have lure around talking to a lot of characters in the game to gather evidence and solve cases. The hand that feeds is the first case you get where you have to prove the store owner innocent who has been charged with food poising his customers. To make things more complicated the poor old man has already accepted all the charges but something doesn’t add up. Here’s how you can get and use the kitchen surveillance footage to prove the store owner’s innocence and win the case.

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How To Solve The Hand That Feeds Case In Tears Of Themis?

Grandpa Vern of Penny’s comfort food has been accused of food poisoning 6 people by a sales manager named Pedro brooks. Pedro was a student of Grandpa Vern but greed took him to a different path. Grandpa Vern accidentally mixed insecticide with the spring water that was used to prepare Seafood Tofu soup which is why in this case it Grandpa Vern is at fault. Given that it was a genuine oversight Grandpa Vern can be saved if we gather the right evidence.

How To Get The Kitchen Surveillance Footage And Other Evidences To Solve The Hand That Feeds Case

Here are all the evidence you need to gather to prove Grandpa Vern innocent

  • Brooks purchased the insecticide that poisoned the 6 people. Look for the receipt of the insecticide and the fingerprints on the receipt will be of Mr. Brooks
  • Use the front door surveillance video to show how Mr. brooks sneaked into the kitchen and poisoned the spring water
  • Check out the water dispenser to find proof of Mr. Brooks poisoning the spring water
  • Present the Kitchen’s CCTV footage and Mr. Brooks’ audio recording to prove that Mr. Brooks had a motive to commit the crime and frame Grandpa Vern.

After presenting all the evidence Mr. Brooks will argue but will be taken out of the court. This is how you complete the first big case in Tears of Themis.

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