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Mighty Doom: How To Switch Weapons

Read this to learn how to switch weapons in the Mighty Boom.

There are over 17 weapons in the game as of now. And more might get added in the future. These weapons are of all types and ranges, some suited as primary, while others as secondary. But switching between these shooting methods can be confusing, so read this guide and learn how to switch weapons in Mighty Doom.

Switching Gears and Weapons in Mighty Doom

Change Weapon In Mighty Doom

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Players can have one weapon from each type at a time. And all the same slot attacks can’t be switched in the middle of the game. You need to go into the gear section and change your gear to the equipment you wish to carry in the match.

But to fill this gap, you get four weapons or attacking mechanisms. The primary ones are shooter guns, such as Chain Gun. The secondary weapon has items like Rocket Launcher, which has a cooldown period. The third is an ultimate weapon that gets recharged with Bloodshed. And have a huge damage capacity. Last but not the least is Equipment Launcher. Here you can place grenade launchers like Frag Grenade and Arc Grenade launchers. To use a grenade, you need to get in the set range of the enemy.

Here is how to switch your equipment before the match begins. Go to the Gear section from the top of the main page. Choose Inventory, and select the item you wish to equip. Now press the Equip button from the bottom left corner. Do this with all the gears like Launchers, primary weapons, and more.

You can also upgrade and fuse your weapons for better use. Fusing copies of the same weapons deliver rare weapons of few ranges. Upgrading them requires Tokens and Coins, which you will gather from the chapters.

That’s all on how to switch weapons in Mighty Doom. While you are here, read other similar guides, such as how to use Grenade and get VIP.