What Is The VIP System Of Mighty Doom

Check out this guide to get VIP in Mighty Doom.

Doom Eternal has always been popular among PC, Xbox, and PS gamers. And after the launch of this franchise’s mobile version, it has gained even more players. If you are one of those players, this guide on can you get VIP and how to get it in Mighty Doom will be helpful to you.

How to Get VIP in Mighty Doom

Use VIP In Mighty Doom

The Mighty Doom has no VIP system for now, but you can get extra resources from Special Offer packs at reasonable prices. And you can also buy Crystals which we use to purchase Special Crate, Weapon Crate, Equipment Crate, and Gold Slayer. Apart from these two uses of cash in the game, there is another use. That is, you can purchase Crimson and Classic Slayers for the chapters. Are you wondering how to get the mentioned items in the game? Then keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

  • Launch your game and tap on the Crate icon from the bottom left corner of the main screen. It only opens after you reach level 3.
  • Under Special Offers, you will see some offers. The Starter Offer was giving a huge discount when this guide was published. So purchase it if you find it decent.
  • Other Special packs you get are Slayers like Crimson with daily Crystals.
  • Now, scroll down till you reach the Crystals section. There you will see Crystal packs and their prices.
  • Lastly, to purchase a hero from cash. Tap on the Gear button, beside the Store.
  • Press the Slayers button in the middle of the screen.
  • Under Select Slayer, you will see other purchasable Slayers of the game.
  • Tap on them to check their details.

In this guide, you learned how to get VIP in Mighty Doom and if it is possible now or not. While you are here, go ahead and check out our other same game guide, how to use Grenade.