How To Get Red Gear (Guide)

Here are all the steps to obtain legendary equipment.

This is a zombie-fighting offline game, where you have to face hordes of these dangerous monsters. And you and other survivors are to save this city from this peril. The number of enemies can cross 1000 at a time, so will need the best skills, equipment, or gears that last longer and deal more damage. So it becomes crucial to upgrade normal equipment into legendary. And here is how to get or upgrade to red gear in

How to Get Legendary Red Gear in

Red Gear In

This game divides gears into six different colors, starting with gray and ending with red. Your normal gear is gray, good is green, better is blue, excellent is purple, yellow is epic, and red is legendary. So when we talk about red gear, we mean legendary equipment, which is also the final stage of equipment. And Currently, the only way to get red gear is by merging. But it is a long process, and you will need to invest a lot of time in this gear. Let us now learn their upgrade through steps.

Steps to Upgrade Gear

  • Combine three same types of normal gear to form good equipment. You can use the “Merge All” option to get more good gear.
  • Then you will merge three good gears to form a better one.
  • Starting from here, you will get three stages of excellent gear, 0, 1, and 2. Merge two stage 0 excellent gear to form stage 1 purple.
  • Now you will need two stage 1 purple gear to upgrade to stage 2.
  • Merge two stage 2 excellent gears to form stage 0 epic gear. Then combine two stage 0 gold gear to get stage 1 epic equipment.
  • Keep doing it until you get to stage 3 of the gold gear. In the end, merge three stage 3 gold gears to form one legendary red gear.

Follow the exact steps to get legendary red gear in If this guide was helpful to you. Then do check out how to beat Mega Challenge and evolve Mine modular.