Guide: How To Evolve Mine

Find out how to evolve Mine in is a roguelike RPG where humanity is in chaos and zombies are attacking your city. You and other survivors are to defeat them and protect our world from these dangerous enemies. But to fight with these powerful beings, you will need various weapons and skills. One such new skill modular is Mine. And here is a guide on how to evolve Mine modular in

How to Evolve Modular Mine in (Guide)

Thunderbolt Bomb In

To evolve Mine you will first have to upgrade your item to five stars. Then obtain Molotov and Lightning Emitter. The skill has two evolution areas Thunderbolt Bomb and Inferno Bomb. And Mine is an explosive modular that will explode if an enemy gets close to it. With every level up its spawn rate, damage intensity, and area of explosion get affected.

At level one, the modular Mine places the Mine in a nearby area that explodes when triggered. Level two gives one extra Mine, three doubles damage, four expands the explosion area, and star five adds another Mine. Read along to know more about two evolution areas of this modular.

All About Thunderbolt Bomb Evo

Players require five-star Lightning Emitter and modular Mine to evolve it into Thunderbolt Bomb. You create it by combining these two skills. And this bomb will hit nearby enemies with shock waves and work like a Mine.

Evolve Into Inferno Bomb

You will require a five-star Molotov and modular Mine for this evolution. And this also is created by combining both skills. Inferno Bomb is an explosive that spreads fire in the vicinity and deals long-lasting damage to enemies.

That is all you need to know about modular Mine to evolve it in If this guide was helpful, then go ahead and browse our other same-game article, how to beat chapter 1.