How To Beat Mega Challenge Guide

This is how you defeat Mega Challenge.

This 2D zombie apocalypse game is gaining massive popularity among mobile players. Due to its colorful design, interesting gameplay, variety of weapons, and challenges. In this article, we will learn about one such challenge set, Mega Challenge. There are many Mega Challenges in, and here is a guide to beat them.

How to Beat Mega Challenge in (Guide)

Mega Challenge In

Mega Challenge has many challenges like City, Farm, Factory, Beach, and Ferry. You can access these battles by going into the Trails section that looks like Skull. The trial has two types of challenges, Main and Mega. The Mega Challenge is harder than other battles because your stats become invalid here. So, it all comes down to the strategy and skill choices you make in the game.

Your primary focus should be on gathering supplies and evolving weapons. Many skill weapons will give you a boost in the game. But the biggest issue here is its RNG nature, players have limited options, so selecting the best and focusing on its evolution becomes crucial. Another thing that players need to remember while evolving is skill should also understand mob and bosses nature, differing from melee to ranged.

It is also important to know your playing style. If you are agile and can dodge attacks easily, then you can focus on other skills like Thunderbolt Bomb or Inferno Bomb. But if you are prone to hits, then focus on HP and defense skills, plus have backup HP items.

Best Skills to Choose

  • Lightning Emitter
  • Type-A Drone
  • Laser Launcher
  • Hi-Power Bullet
  • Kunai
  • HE Fuel
  • Energy Cube
  • Supercell
  • Ronin Oyoroi
  • Mine

This is all you need to pay attention to if you want to beat Mega Challenge on And since you are already here, go ahead with other articles from the same game, how to evolve Mine and how to beat Chapter 1.