Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Find Strawberry Crates

Here is a guide that will help you find Strawberry Crates in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Strawberry Crates are a currency basically for My Melody in order to help repair and build things for you. Every work requires a different number of Crates. The repair work for the broken bridge and the Visitor’s Cabin is done after you give them to My Melody. It is also not very difficult to find them, which helps you finish tasks easily. You can then also check out this guide on how to invite friends to proceed after gifting her the crates.

How to Find Strawberry Crates in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

find strawberry crates in hello kitty island adventure

Strawberry Crates are easy to find in Hello Kitty Island Adventure as they are scattered all around the island. You can mostly find them around My Melody’s Shop and at the corners of Seaside Resort.

  • You will find one behind the fast travel mailbox at Seaside Resort below the ladder on the mountain. The next crate can be found on the northern side of the resort on the narrow pathway between the mountains. The third crate can be found on a small mountain in front of an abandoned cabin at Seaside.
  • In this way, you can give My Melody the number of crates she requires to complete your work. New crates spawn randomly on the island, especially when the quest with My Melody requires it.
  • Initially, she will require only three crates, but to repair the Visitor’s cabin she will require eight crates. Strawberry items are My Melody’s favorite, hence the Strawberry Crates are demanded by her.
  • They are gifts for her and will help level up your friendship with her as well as unlock new tasks and quests.

So this was all on today’s article on how to find Strawberry Crates in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to find spinip in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.