What Is Strange Plant In Terraria?

Want to know about Strange Plant in Terraria. This guide has all you need to know.

Strange Plant in Terraria can be found easily in any biome in the game. There is one thing you should know about Strange Plant is that they are quest plants. So, you have to grab them as you get the chance because these plants are valuable and can be used to get coins in the game. Well, read through this guide to know more about Strange Plant in Terraria.

Where to Get Strange Plant in Terraria?

Strange Plant in Terraria

As mentioned earlier, it is not difficult to find Strange Plant in Terraria. You can get them in any biome in the game at slightly higher altitudes. Also, if you’re playing the game on a mobile phone or on a PC, you will only find Strange Plant in the Hard Mode. You can search for Strange Plant using a Metal Detector in the game.

While you’re looking for Strange Plant, keep in mind that there are certain conditions in which the plant grows in. You can go looking for the plant in any place where there is dirt or moss-covered stones. Apart from that, you can get the Strange Plant near the grass except for Mushroom grass.

Strange Plant in Terraria need an area of 240 tiles to grow. Keep this information in mind while going to collect the plant and you’ll make no mistake in identifying it.

What are Strange Plant used for?

If you remember, Strange Plant isn’t one of ordinary plants. You can sell the Strange Plant for 20 coins each in the game. Alternatively, you can also talk to the Dye Trader about these plants. The Dye Trader will take the Strange Plant in exchange for one Special Dye. Also, if you sell the Special Dyes in the game, you can get around 75 coins or more for that.

This is all you need to know about Strange Plant in Terraria. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out more such guides like how to Get Mana Plant in Terraria and how to make a Grappling Hook in Terraria.