Terraria: How To Make A Grappling Hook?

Grappling hook can help you get to unexplored areas in Terraria. Here's how to craft the grappling hook in Terraria and the items you need.

Terraria is the perfect blend of Minecraft survival mode and a 2D Nintendo game. Players will be exploring, crafting, and fighting a lot of enemies in this sandbox game. Even though Terraria has been around for a long time many players haven’t explored all of it, mostly because they don’t have a grappling hook. The grappling hook enables you to reach places that were out of your reach before but it’s not easy to craft it. Let’s see how you can craft a grappling hook in Terraria.

How To Craft A Grappling Hook In Terraria?                                                        terraria grappling hook

The grappling can help you climb steep surfaces and reach new areas in Terraria. Follow the below-mentioned step to know how to craft a grappling hook in Terraria

  • The first and foremost item you need to build a grappling hook is wood. Go to a tree and use the axe on it and you will get plenty of wood. Remember that you need only 10x wood but it’s good to get as many as you can. Use the 10x wood to make a workbench from the menu on the bottom left
  • Now you need 20x stone, 4x wood and 3x torch out of which the wood can be obtained by using an axe on the trees. To get the stones players need to head underground and you will see the grey block in the walls. Use the axe to dig in the grey blocks and you will get stones. One section of grey blocks will get you around 10x stones so you might have to do this a couple of times.
  • Players need to craft the torch as it isn’t readily available. To craft the torch you will need gel which can be obtained from slimes. You can find slimes easily and just use the axe on it to get the gel. Use the 1x gel and 1x wood together to craft 3x torches. Now use the 20x stone, 4x wood, and 3x torch to craft a furnace.
  • Now you will 15x iron ore, to get iron ore you will have to go underground to find iron. You will find iron by scraping the silver blocks underground, try to get 15x iron. Once you have the iron craft 5x iron bars from the iron and then forge it to make an Iron anvil.
  • Now you to use 3x iron to craft an iron bar and use the iron bar to make 10x chains. Go underground to the cavin layer and try to look for a skeleton or a piranha fish. Kill and one of those and they will drop a hook, the probability is less so you might have to kill multiple skeletons and piranha.
  • Use the Iron anvil, the hook, and 3x chains to craft the Grappling hook

Crafting the grappling hook might be a task but it can help you in exploring new places.

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