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How To Get Mana Flower In Terraria

Want to get the Mana flower in Terraria? Here is how you can do that.

Terraria is an action-adventure game which can be played on multiple platforms. In this game, you have to explore the area and while doing so build and craft various items to survive and level up. You have to fight enemies and complete several missions while you’re out there exploring the world. Among these items, there is one in particular that we are going to talk about and that is the Mana Flower. In this guide, we will discuss how to Obtain Mana Flower in Terraria.

How to Craft Mana Flower in Terraria?

Mana Flower in Terraria
Picture Credits – Masterchicken

In order to craft a Mana Flower in Terraria, you will be needing 3 things in total. Mana Potion, Nature’s Gift and the Tinkerer’s Shop. Let’s start with Mana Potion.

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Mana Potion is comparatively easy to find in the game. There is quite a chance that you will stumble upon it while exploring the world. Coming to the Tinkerer’s Shop, in order to access the shop, you have to first unlock it in the game. You can unlock the shop by rescuing the Goblin Tinkerer in the game.

Now, you have to collect the last item in our list to Obtain the Mana Flower in Terraria and that is Nature’s Gift. Keep in mind that it is quite rare to find in the game and you have to search it for a while until you get it. In order to get the Nature’s Gift, you have to cut through the grass wherever you find it and you have a chance to obtain it.

Coming to the final quest in crafting a Mana Flower. Now that you have obtained all the ingredients to forge a Mana Flower, you have to go the Tinkerer’s Shop. In the shop, you have to click on Craft to make a Mana Flower.

How does Mana Flower help?

Having a Mana Flower has its perks to boost your gameplay. Firstly, when you respawn, it refills the Mana up to full capacity. Apart from that, it also reduces your mana usage by 8% and it also increases your defense by 4 units. Hence, Mana Flower can be useful for you in the game.

Now you know what are the ingredients and how to Obtain Mana Flower in Terraria. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you may as well check out how to Make a Grappling Hook in Terraria.