BGMI: How To Race In Cheer Park

Want to know how you can race in Cheer Park? Check this guide out.

BGMI had launched the 1.9 Update earlier this year in March. In the new update, the developers have introduced a Racing Track to impress the players throughout the country. And there is no doubt that they have succeeded in their attempt to do so. The Race feature in Cheer Park has left the BGMI players awestruck. Read through this guide to know more about Cheer Park Race.

How to Race in Cheer Park in BGMI?

Race in Cheer Park BGMI

Now, in this new feature, you have to set the components of the race while starting a race. Apart from that, you have to compete in the race to complete one of the missions in the game. In order to participate in the race in BGMI, go through the steps mentioned in this guide.

  • Download the Cheer Park Resources and enter the Cheer Park
  • Find Race Track in the map of Cheer Park
  • Near the Race Track, stand near the Car icon to get options
  • Among those options, select Recruit
  • Then Select the vehicle and number of laps before starting the race
  • Wait in the Queue and participate in the race

This is how you can Race in BGMI. Apart from this feature, there are several other features which have been added in the game. Check further to know what are the new additions.

  • A new vehicle is introduced in the update. The developers have brought in a Bicycle which is also portable.
  • The Bridge connecting the main land and Military base has been updated with broader lanes and a footpath is added on both sides.
  • In the new update, developers have taken this fight to the skies. Sky Islands is another feature which has two islands hovering in mid-air. This update can be experienced in Erangel and Livik Maps only.

This is all you need to know about the Race in Cheer Park in BGMI. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out How to Earn and Showcase Regional Rank in BGMI/PUBG.