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What Does BSF Mean In Roblox (2022)

What does the term mean?

The gaming community is always expanding and coming up with a new vocabulary of its own. There are a lot of acronyms floating around that can confuse a rookie. This is true for almost all games across all genres. Games like CODM, PUBG, and Valorant all have their set of jargon.

The popular gaming platform Roblox also has certain terms like BSF that may not be clear to players. However, we will explain exactly what this term means in today’s article. Let us take a look.

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Meaning Of BSF In Roblox


Acronyms are a way for gamers to communicate quickly and effectively. However, it can cause a lot of confusion for players that do not understand them. BSF is one such term that new Roblox players could be confused about.

There are two potential options that BSF could stand for. One is Best Sister Friend. This is used to refer to a female player that one considers almost like a sister and a best friend. It is an affectionate term of endearment.

BSF indicates a level that is above Best Friend and a part of the family. Roblox can be a pretty tight knit community at times and a lot of players become good friends over time. Terms like BFF, BSF, and BF are quite common in the community. However, this is not the only potential meaning behind the term BSF in Roblox.

Alternatively, BSF could also mean But Seriously Folks. This is a term that is used to drive the conversation back on topic. It is used when players are discussing something and the conversation gets off the topic. Players can use BSF to attract the attention of other players and drive the conversation back on track.

These are all the potential full forms of BSF in Roblox. For more Roblox, players should check out When Was Roblox Invented? Origin & History Explained.