Age Of Wonders 4 – How To Start Underground (Guide)

This is how you can start Underground in Age of Wonders 4 in the shortest time.

You might have seen how some players got access to Underworld within no time and even with a lower level than you. Here is why they can start Underground in Age of Wonders 4 and how you can do it too. Though with patience and grinding, every empire unlocks Underground and accesses it. Because they are available on all maps. And starting it at the initial phase is also reasonably beneficial to players.

Underground Guide to Start in Age of Wonders 4

Underground Guide To Start In Age of Wonders 4

To start Underground in Age of Wonders 4, your Race should possess Mind Trait Underground Adaptation. The power offers a unique bonus, that lets you create and start Underworld exploration. If you are looking for detailed steps from faction creation to underground access. Then follow the steps below.

  • If your Race has Underground Adaptation, they can do some digging to create Underground.
  • But if they don’t own that trait. Then start a New Game.
  • Next, Create a Realm. You have several destinations to choose from. Select any you prefer, as all have Underground.
  • Now set Realm Traits. First is Geography Trait, like the Barren Ocean, Islands, Lava Divide, and more.
  • Second, we select Clime Trait with options like Frozen Realm, Forming Realm, and Endless Fields.
  • Third Realm Setup is Inhabitant Trait. Here you are given choices like magic Origins, Immortal Spirits, Demonic Realm, Dragon Territories, and Rampant Flora.
  • Lastly, players select Presence Trait from options like Pretender Kings and Demon Prince.
  • Once done, press Next to get the Create Faction window in AOW4.
  • This is a crucial stage for the start of Underground in Ages of Wonders 4, so be careful here. You can choose from the library or custom this section.
  • Selecting Faction takes you to Physical Form. Where on the bottom are Body Trait and Mind Trait.
  • Body Trait you can select whichever suits you. But Mind Trait has to be Underground Adaptation.
  • Now, select Culture, Society Traits, and other presented modifications to form an Empire.
  • Lastly, unlock Excavate Skill from Empire Skill Tree and dig to explore Underworld.

Believing you successfully got access to Underground and were able to start it in Age of Wonders 4. We suggest you read and get information on how to get Dragons and how to annex Ancient Wonder, as they will also come in handy soon.