Age Of Wonders 4 – How To Get Dragons

Wondering how to get Dragons in Age of Wonders 4? This guide has got you covered.

The game currently has three types of Dragons and Wyvern. But getting these Dragons in Age of Wonders 4 is difficult, as locations that give them are still few and unknown to many. Therefore here we have covered all the places that give these creatures as a reward or hunt at this point. We will upgrade our guide, as we discover more ways of obtaining them. Meanwhile, read this guide and get Bone Dragon, Frost Dragon, and Fire Dragon.

How to Unlock Dragons in Age of Wonders 4

Dragon Rewards In Age Of Wonders 4
Image Credit: r/AOW4 on Reddit.

Mage Tower, Ancient Wonder, and Monster Lairs are some possible places to hunt for or get Dragons as rewards in Age of Wonder 4. Wizard Tower among all has the highest chance of giving Bone Dragon. Some gamers have reported receiving Frost Dragon as a reward in high-level monster lairs. But the chance of getting Dragons with this method is minor and can’t always be relied on. Thus, check out Ancient Wonders too.

Players can obtain mythical items and Dragons as a reward in Ancient Wonders of Age of Wonders 4. Especially, Lost Tower lets you recruit Bone Dragons. But annexing these is not easy due to several reasons, including ownership claim. Players whose city is near the wonder would claim their right over it. And sometimes you’ll have to face repercussions, as they will consider that you stole their loot. Therefore, it is better to scout the area for any such danger before setting your outpost near these.

As many players might have noticed, the name and nature of Wonders vary with domain and terrain. Dragons and Mages are some enemies players encounter in these places, making it difficult to annex. Thus players should first build their power and try to obtain Dragons from other mentioned locations first.

While wrapping this guide on how to get and where are Dragons in Age of Wonders 4. We suggest you bookmark this article for more location updates and scroll through our site GamesAdda to find similar game guides, like how to annex Ancient Wonder.