Age Of Wonders 4 – How To Annex Ancient Wonder

Read this guide to learn how players can annex Ancient Wonders in Age of Wonder 4 to get valuable resources and bonuses.

Ancient Wonders are monuments of great ages scattered around the realms. They are mysterious and adventurous structures that nurture unique rewards. Want to annex Ancient Wonder in Age of Wonders 4. Read this guide, till the end to learn everything you need to know for the mission.

Age of Wonder 4 – Annexing Guide for Ancient Wonder

Annex Ancient Wonder In Age Of Wonders 4

Once players have defeated all the enemies and cleared the Ancient Wonder, they are granted ownership, with the right to annexation. But to annex it, you first need to establish a city within the range or build a Work Camp. The first works better. For both methods, you first need to build an Outpost near the zone.

To set the Outpost, tap on your hero and go to Province. Then place the Outpost in the desired region. Now you can either upgrade it to form a city or build a Work Camp. All cities have a maximum annexation range that can be changed and modified using structures like City Hall.

Why Annex Ancient Wonders in Age of Wonder 4

Annexing Ancient Wonders in your domain grants you several resources, bonuses, and even creatures. Some well-known bonuses are Imperium, Bone Dragons, and Rally of the Lieges. Imperium is the most desired among all mentioned prizes, as they are rare and help in city growth.

Nature of Wonders

The tier, background lore, and name are a few aspects that give a hint of the coming adventure. And should be taken into consideration before all. According to the game description, they are monuments of the past having several ties with old Age of Wonders lore. A few Ancient wonders that players would encounter are Secret Temple, Ancient Mother Tree, and Lost Tower.

Hopefully, you were able to annex Ancient Wonder in Age of Wonders 4. Obtained multiple unique bonuses and made them the domain of your reign. If you were, then scroll through our site to read another similar guide, how to get Dragons.