Best Stages To Farm EXP In Epic Seven

These are the stages that give the most EXP.

Epic Seven is a fantasy RPG world with an engaging storyline and interesting gameplay. You as a player are on a quest to defeat Archdemon and its Army. And for that, you are going to need to level up fast. So here are the best stages to farm EXP in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven: Best Stages to Farm EXP

Farm EXP Chapters Epic Seven

3S: Farche Frontier World

This location is divided into three stages. The first stage is the Ki Amagal Desert. That needs Initial Clear, 1 Fire Hero, and 1 Ranger in the team. You face enemies like Raqix Warlord, Karax Infantry, and Raqix Veteran. Apart from EXP, you get items like Imperial Longsword, Imperial Recruit Armor, Imperial Recruit Boots, Trapper Svoat, and Erikion Carapace.

The second location is Shadowy Moondust. You require Initial Clear, 1 Ice Hero, and 1 Thief. Here you will face enemies like Blaze Dragona and Mighty Knight. Here you can win Baby Mouse Insignia, Blazing Rage, and Karax Infantry.

The third stage is the Virgin Shield Desert. Initial Clear, 1 Knight, and Open Gold Chest are requirements. Here you might face Dusk Dream Leech, Raqix Veteran, and Spiral Nighthare. You can get Dream Time Circuit and Trapper Svoat as rewards.

5S: Sun Desert World

This place is divided into eight stages: Sand Swamp Fork, Sun’s Vestige, Cottonscale Desert, Hook Tail Desert, Muruchi Desert, Tarimun Desert, Anunka Ruins, and White Dragon Temple. You will face enemies like Mighty Knight, Fire Klineode, Karax Charger, Auxiliary Lots, Skulking Silva, Blood Ridge Naga, and Raqix Veteran. Baby Mouse Insignia, Raqix Warlord, Raqix Veteran, Lesser Weapon Charm, Cold Look, Twisted Fang, Horn of Desire, Ancient Creature Nucleus, Strange Jelly, Mysterious Flash, and Reingar Student ID are some of the rewards you can obtain here.

8S: Breezy Plain World

There are 7 main stages and 4 optional stages. The seven main stages are Moonflower Meadow, Azure Hill, Path of the Wanderer, The Garden of Foresight, Revenant Ruins, Pearl Fox Path, and Bellflower Valley. Here you face enemies like Mud-Skull Warlock, Mud-Skull Warrior, Wild Angara, Blood Slime, Lava Slime, and more. Blessing of Orbis, Eternal Forest Dust, Cursed Ashes, and Blood Flaked Bone are some of the rewards you obtain from here.

The four optional stages are Blue Lavender Forest, Milky Way Plain, Ruins of Screams, and Meteor Shower Remains. Enemies you face here are Dark Dream Leech, Flint Imp, Greed Nighthare, Imp King, and more. It gives rewards like Dream Time Circuit, Nightmare Mask, and Helmeted Flux.

These are all the best stages to farm EXP in Epic Seven. Since you are already here, go ahead and check out the E7 tier list and how to level up heroes fast.