How To Level Up Heroes Fast In Epic Seven (E7)

These are the fastest ways of leveling up heroes in E7.

Epic Seven is an RPG adventure game divided into Episodes, Chapters, and Acts. The Goddess of this world bestowed you with the mission of saving the world from Archedemon and its Army. To do that you will need a strong team or army of heroes. So here is how to level up heroes fast in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven E7: How to Level Up Heroes Fast

Level Heroes E7 Epic Seven

There are several ways to level up and upgrade your character in the game. But most of them are time-consuming and slow. But there are mainly two ingredients or items used to upgrade heroes: EXP and penguins. So here are all the quick methods of acquiring them.

  • Side Story: It is best to attempt old stories with Max-level characters so that you can acquire Penguin in exchange for EXP after completing missions. If you use heroes that are not maxed out you will receive EXP, which will help them level. To manually level up your hero go to the Lobby, and Select the Hero option from the bottom left. Then choose Hero again. Select your desired unit and use EXP, Phantasma or Penguins to upgrade it using Promote and Level up buttons.
  • Difficulty Level: There are 4 levels of difficulty in the game. Harder the difficulty level of the mission, the more EXP and other resources you gain. Hell is the toughest and most profitable level of difficulty.
  • Use EXP Booster: EXP booster can be bought from Exchange Shops. And almost all shops have some or other pack EXP or Penguin. Such as Friendship Shop and Transmit Stone Shop.
  • Event Boost: Using an EXP booster during the Event boost, which happens almost every month end, gives you the best EXP from a match.
  • A Crack in the World: It is a special stage mission where chapters 3S, 5S, and 8S can be attempted thrice a day. And give a good amount of EXP.
  • Unrecorded History: Chapter 3S: Farche Frontier World, 5S: Sun Desert World, and 8S Breezy Plain World from Episode 1 of Unrecorded History are the best places to gain EXP.

Here you read about all the methods to level up heroes fast in Epic Seven. If you found this interesting, then go ahead and read how to get the Penguins and E7 tier list.