How To Get & Sell Penguins In Epic Seven (E7)

Check out this guide to know where you can get and sell penguins in E7.

Penguins are kind of an ingredient or item that is used to level up Heroes, Phantasmas, and Fodders. There are many types of penguins in the game. Such as Dark Beak Penguins, Forest Cloud Penguins, Sub Ring Penguins, Frost Chain Penguins, Flame Penguins, and so on. Now you must be wondering how to get these Penguins and where to sell them in Epic Seven. If yes, then check out this guide.

Epic Seven E7 : How to Get & Sell Penguins

Sell Penguin E7 Epic Seven

  • Exchange Shops: The game uses several kinds of micro currencies. And many shops that use those currencies sell Penguins. You can exchange 1000 Friendship Points for some Experienced Penguins.
  • Complete Missions with Max Hero: Attempt any old mission with max-level heroes. In this way, the system will not be able to level your characters using EXP. So it will give you Penguins in exchange for those extra EXP.
  • Sanctuary: Forest of Souls lets you nurture the Penguins, but hatching takes some time. This Forest of Souls is unlocked after clearing Chapters 2-4 of Episode 1.
  • Forest Of Souls: The Forest of Souls is part of the Sanctuary. And can be unlocked by clearing Chapters 2-4 of Episode 1. This structure lets you hatch Penguin eggs, but it is a little lengthy process.
  • Achievements and Events: Some Achievements and Events can reward you with Penguins. And there is a chance to get Epic and Experienced ones from Events.

How to sell Penguins

  • Open the game and go to the Lobby. Tap on the bag-like icon on top of the screen.
  • It is an Inventory bag. Select “Enhancement Ingredients“.
  • Tap on the Penguin you want to sell. And select the amount of Penguins by sliding left and right.
  • Now, Press the “Select” button
  • You will see the Sell button and the amount of Gold you will receive for it.
  • Tap on the “Sell” to complete the process or hit the Cancel button to stop it.

This is all you need to do to get and sell Penguins in Epic Seven. Also, check out the E7 tier list and how to get Adin.