Smite: How To Get Viewer Points?

Want to get Viewer Points in Smite? Here's how to do that.

If you’re an experienced Smite player, you must know about the benefits you can enjoy because of the viewer points. But, if you’re a relatively new player, you might be confused about how to get viewer points in Smite.

Also, you’d want to know what is this system and how it works. Well, in this guide we have explained it for your reference. Glance through this guide and you’ll be on your way to obtaining as many viewer points as you can.

How to Get Viewer Points in Smite?

get viewer points in Smite

It is fairly easy to get viewer points in Smite as you don’t really have to grind. You simply have to watch the streaming videos of the game on Twitch.

The maximum amount of time you can farm points is 4 hours in one day. And you can stream the videos all week. For each day, you will get 1250 points. In case you have purchased the Viewers Pass, you will receive 2500 points. If you clear all the milestones throughout the week, you will receive 8750 points, 17500 points with the pass. This is how you can obtain viewer points in the game.

Apart from that, you stand a chance to acquire 1500 points if you could vote for the right team in SPL matches. And some points can be gained through the free track of the Battle Pass. Now that you know how to farm the points, you might as well want to know how to use them. You can exchange these points for exclusive skins.

Each year there are 3 skins up for grabs if you have collect amount of points required to claim them. Now that you know how to get and use viewer points in Smite, go ahead and aim for the best skins available.

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