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Smite: How To Get Map Fragments

This is how to obtain Map Fragments in Smite.

Smite is a free-to-play action MOBA where players can control mythological figures. Some notable characters are Odin, Thoth, The Morrigan, Ares, Zeus, Mercury, Medusa, Fenrir, Artio, and Sobek. The Map fragments can unlock different quest regions and give rewards in Odyssey, which sometimes includes these figures. So if you want to unlock more adventure and characters, read this guide to collect Map Fragments in Smite.

How to Get Map Fragments in Smite

Unlock Voyage Map Fragments In Smite

Map Fragments unlock new regions of the Odyssey Map, such as Soaring Isles, Underworld, Reckoning, Perilous Seas and more. And every 20,000 Odyssey points you earn gives you Map Fragment. There are usually 9 territories, where the first is available for free. But others need fragments for unlocking. These territories contain quests, which reward Odyssey Bonus Chests and other rewards.

How to Earn Odyssey Points

There are many ways of earning these Odyssey Points. Like you can collect them by purchasing new Odyssey Skins. And these Skins will differ for every Odyssey. Digital Lootpack also gives about 10,000 points. Then the completion of a Free Battle Pass gives around 15,000 points, and the Premium Battle Pass rewards about 5,000.

The first new territories like Niflheim from Reckoning or King of Babylon from Perilous Seas give around 55,000 points if players participate in two Battle Passes during the event. Viewer Pass Skin and Skins in Theme bundles also give about 10,000 points.

To check how many Odyssey Points you have earned, go to the rewards tab of the Odyssey event. It will show you all the prizes you have earned and the reward tier for the future.

This is how you unlock Map Fragments in Smite Odyssey events like Reckoning, Perilous Seas, and Underworld. If you found this guide helpful. Then also check out Smite season 8 Gods tier list and the best free PC games for everyone.