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Smite: How To Use Wave Emote?

Want to learn how to Wave in Smite? Check out this guide.

While playing a MOBA game like Smite, players seem to get engrossed in the action. As this is a virtual platform for interacting, you can’t exactly convey your emotions such as joy, disappointment, rage, etc. However, you can use emotes available in the game. In this guide, we have covered how to use wave emote in Smite. If you’re searching to know how to use that emote, you’ve landed in the right place.

As this game can be played on multiple platforms, the process differs for each device. Having said that, we have explained how to use the emote on every playable device in this guide. All you have to do is simply glance through the guide and you’ll learn all there is to know about the same.

How to Use Wave in Smite?

Use Wave Emote in Smite
Image Credits: Whisky Wyrm on YouTube

Now, before knowing how to use wave emote in Smite, you must understand that these emotes aren’t freely available. You have to either buy them or open chests to get them. Also, not every character in the game can use these emotes, so you must filter and select a hero that can avail the feature. Below, we have mentioned the way to use wave emote on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

  • Use Wave on Nintendo Switch – Press Right on D-Pad and then press Y, A, A.
  • Wave to other players on PC – Press keys V, X, W.
  • Use Wave emote on PlayStation – Press Right on D-Pad, then tap Square, Circle, Circle.
  • Wave on Xbox – Press Right on D-Pad and then press X, B, B.

Kindly note that you must press the required buttons in the same order as mentioned above to properly implement the emote.

This is all you need to know about how to use wave emote in Smite. If you found this guide helpful, we think these articles might interest you as well. How to Get Gems in Smite? and How to Unlock Ranked Matches?