How To Get A Shiny Luvdisc In Pokemon GO?

Get a shot to earn the shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go by considering the instructions in the guide.

Pokémon Go’s uniqueness lies in its whole philosophy of integrating virtual gaming with the real world. This fun and addictive game has smashed a bunch of standards and manages to dominate as an extremely popular title of all time, irrespective of age and gender.

Its futuristic and award-winning gameplay dynamics that require the use of augmented reality technology and photoshopped computer-generated details of gamers’ immediate environment to position virtual creatures at real places contribute to their instant success. Undeniably, it has influenced the AR future designs for years ahead.

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Besides its wonderful theme, developers keep players engaged by adding fresh and interesting in-game stuff or organizing special events. One such event is Valentine’s event and it’s still live.
This means you still have a chance to score the most desire shiny Luvdisc in Pokémon Go.

How To Get A Shiny Luvdisc In Pokémon GO?

The best means to get them quite a lot shiny Luvdisc is Spotlight hour which was live yesterday. And for this, you are not required to waste your valuable Poke balls as these can be availed free.
Sad to say, Spotlight hour is over and if you lost the chance then here’s the good news, you can still have them since Valentine’s Event is running even now.

You must be wondering how to get shiny Luvdisc in Pokémon Go despite the spotlight hour is over. Leave that to us and keep scrolling.

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Luvdisc resurfaces all over the event as it symbolizes the game’s Valentine Day event. However, with the end of the Spotlight hour, the frequency of it occurring might be less but it is still easy to find them.

You must have many encounters since it is not sure whether you will find a shiny Pokémon at the beginning itself. Also, the best means to discover them when the Spotlight hour isn’t running is by using incense. With the Valentine’s Day event on going, you are guaranteed to come across a shiny Luvdisc.

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Another alternative to get them is by strolling across Pokestops and hunting for Pokémon’s outside incense. But make sure to grab them as soon as possible since Valentine’s event is soon to be concluded and if you miss this chance then you might miss out on shiny Luvdisc.

That’s how to get a shiny Luvdisc in Pokémon Go. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Do check other guides of GamesAdda.