Top 8 Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon (November 2022)

Here is a list of all top 8 Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon also known as "Eeveelutions" in 2022.

How many of you still enjoy watching Pokemon? I am pretty sure if you have landed on this article you must be an immense fan of Pokemon. Since childhood, we loved to see all those cute characters and the adventure they had. After the game Pokemon Go many have lived their childhood once again.

Fans who love pokemon enjoy knowing and comparing how cute or which evolution is greater in them. And today we decide to bring to you our list of best  Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon also known as “Eeveelutions” in 2022. These evolutions will be from worst to best, factoring in type, ability, and stat distribution.

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Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon


  • Type: Fire
  • Evolves When: Fire Stone is used
  • Ability: Flash Fire

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

This is one of Eevee’s original three alterations. This is the most basic Eevee evolution that you will be seeing. With an ability to learn a few moves outside its fire type element. Flareon excels in the attack, but lags in hit points, defense, and speed making it too sluggish and fragile to use. To top it all off all fire attacks that were calculated with the special attack score resulted in Flareon’s best attack as useless.

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  • Type: Ice
  • Evolves When:  Ice Rock is used
  • Ability: Snow Cloak

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

Glaceon is quite cute among all Eevee evolutions but has a major drawback when it comes to defense. Its ice attribute makes it a perfect choice for attack your enemy but lack of defense renders him useless. Surprisingly most of Glaceon’s moves are physical which uses pitiful attack rather than an impressive special attack. Sadly it does not have decent evading and defense ability.


  • Type: Dark
  • Evolves When: Levels up at night with high friendship or with a Moon Shard
  • Ability: Synchronize

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

Umbreon can prove to be the strongest tanks among your collection of pokemon. It has solid stats for defense along with special defense making is quite a good shield. Since it’s a dark type is weak to three elements but can resits two and completely negating. Umbreon’s lacking movesets also get neutralized with its ability to Synchronize copies of the paralyze, burn, and poison condition back onto the inflicter. It also benefits quite a lot from new techniques using tutors, TMs, and breeding.


  • Type: Grass
  • Evolves When: Near a Moss Rock
  • Ability: Leaf Guard

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

Leafeon has proved to be quite a decent combo of speed alongside strong attack and great defense, a rare physical-oriented option among the Eeveelutions. It also happened to gain huge benefits from its attack-boosting Swords Dance to health-recovering Synthesis to damage-dealing Leaf Blade. While it does not have much to offer when it comes to defense. Fire is one of the worst enemies of Leafeon due to its leaf attributes.

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  • Type: Electric
  • Evolves When: A Thunder Stone is used
  • Ability: Volt Absorb

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

Jolteon holds an upper hand in terms of having a better electrical resistance. If your opponent is unaware of Jolteon’s ability and sends an Electric attack your way you will highly benefit from it. Jolteon has one best quality and that is how he needs to attack. It makes sure to use its speed to hit hard and fast. Most of its attack is physical and requires more training up to at least level 30 for it to gain noncontact electric attacks.


  • Type: Psychic
  • Evolves When: Levels up with high friendship during the day or with a Sun Shard.
  • Ability: Synchronize

Top Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

The second Eeveelution Espeon follows a classic Alakazam/Mewtwo stat distribution of great speed and amazing special attack. Espeon’s attack is mostly indirectly followed with amazing speed. Most of Espeon’s stats have been boosted which many players have been seeing over the years. It is quite similar to Umbreon with good Synchronizing ability that helps in defeating enemies with the help of condition debuffs.


  • Type: Fairy
  • Evolves When: Levels up when knowing a Fairy move and having high affection
  • Ability: Cute Charm

Top Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

Sylveon is Generation 6’s new Fairy-type pokemon and has amazing defense and HP. Its special attacks help in striking with an amazing range of indirect moves. And one of the best among its ability is the charm ability. Sylveon can charm and inflict dreaded infatuation conditions on foes that are of the opposite gender. Making it quite a handy ability among all Eevee evolutions in pokemon. And with the help of Light Screen and Misty Terrain, you will be able to set up quite the barrier around you.


  • Type: Water
  • Evolves When: Water Stone is used
  • Ability: Water Absorb

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon

Vaporeon’s basic and element-based ability gets compensated with its unique stat spread, potent moves, and great type. Since water is weak to only two elements it can give a tough competition to the rest.

Its high HP score and defensive techniques like Acid Armor, Aqua Ring, etc, and other special defense make this one of the best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon. And if you decide to end up adding a few Ice moves you will be able to level with almost full elemental coverage.  This will be one hell of an Eeveelutions that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.