Best Sensitivity Code For PUBG New State

Find out which is the best Sensitivity Code to use in PUBG New State.

Facing trouble getting the hang in New State. Well, we have the best Sensitivity Code to use with PUBG New State. These will help you with your aim and maneuverability in the game. You will also be able to customize the game controls to your liking and use the setting that works best for you. So, scroll down and have a look at the best Sensitivity Code.

What is the best Sensitivity Code to use in PUBG New State?

PUBG New State Best Sensitivity Code To Use | Gameplay Settings

  • Sensitivity code: SEN-52f57f1b-53cf-47a2-8751-49f09cb7bb9c
  • 2 finger mode: Uf-4ae637ca-832d-4c45-a5d0-371ba4c60dc7
  • 3 finger claw: Uf-4ae637ca-832d-4c45-a5d0-371ba4c60dc7
  • 4 finger claw: Uf-4ae637ca-832d-4c45-a5d0-371ba4c60dc7

These are the best sensitivity codes to use for each type of gameplay mechanic. New State has various dedicated gameplay styles which will allow players to use their own unique styles. While earlier versions of PUBG didn’t offer such level of support, it is definitely nice to see the devs listening to the players.

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While playing the new game myself, I found it to be a bit too twitchy. This might be because of the fact that I am used to playing PUBG Mobile. However, the above-mentioned sensitivity code did make a difference in PUBG New State.

It helped smoothen out the kinks in the game and gives you a more streamlined game experience. I would also suggest moving the buttons around so that you get a hang of the game. It will also allow you to get more comfortable with the new playing experience.

This is everything that you will need to know about the best Sensitivity Code in PUBG New World. While you are here, you can also have a look at the 50+ Best, Unique & Stylish PUBG New State Names and the PUBG New State Not Available In This Region Error Fix.