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100+ Best, Stylish, Cool & Funny PUBG New State Nickname Style Names (November 2022)

Here are more than 50 PUBG New State names for boys and girls.

Krafton has finally launched its much-awaited battle-royale game titled, PUBG New State globally. Tons of people have already downloaded and millions will download the game in the times to come. Irrespective of when they download PUBG New State, they will need perfect, stylish, and unique nickname style names that describe their gaming persona.

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With that in mind, we have compiled a list of unique, cool, cute, impressive, and stylish names that PUBG New State players can proudly keep as their username or IGN. In a multiplayer game like PUBG New State, whenever you send a friend request to play with them the first thing they see is your name.

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If you have a unique and stylish PUBG New State name that reflects your gaming persona, the invitee will surely accept your friend request. If you are struggling to find the best, unique and stylish names for your PUBG New State character then look no further as we have got you covered.

100+ PUBG New State Nickname Style Names For Boys & Girls

To make your work easier and save your valuable time, we have mentioned PUBG New State names for boys and girls separately.

PUBG New State Names For Boys

  1. ★彡[ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]彡★
  2. 亗ALPHA亗
  3. ꧁༒☬sunny☬༒꧂
  4. ツ《Terminator》ツ
  5. ᐯϵͷϴϻ
  6. ꧁༒♛King ♛༒꧂
  7. बापッआया
  8. ⫷Ironᴍan⫸
  9. ᎠrⱥgoŇG♦️
  10. мαfια
  11. In3aneヤOdiN
  12. कैदीメ420
  13. 乂O P 乂 N O B I T A 乂
  14. ༺Ṩnͥipͣpͫψ༻
  15. 亗 S T A R K 亗
  16. ℭ????????
  17. 乇vil丨乙eheR
  18. ??????????????
  19. ᴮᵃᵈ͢͢͢ᵇᵒʸʙᴀᴅsʜᴀH
  20. ᴳᵒᵈzilla√
  21. R A V E N op࿐➀
  22. ᴀʟɢ. Roni. 亗
  23. ᴘɪʀᴀᴛᴇꜱ࿐
  25. ⫷Spiderᴍan⫸

PUBG New State Names For Girls

  1. Dʌŋgəʀou’x Quəəŋ
  2. ATnK QuEeN
  3. 々Angel々
  4. ꧁Zสสℓim ᖘⱥrΐ꧂
  6. ✞ঔৣ۝H̷ЇÐÐɆ₦༒ǤЇЯŁ۝ঔৣ✞
  8. ◤Sc͢͢͢คrℓeτ◢
  9. HELL Girl
  10. 『Candy』• Girlᴾᴿᴼシ
  11. ⦃Pบ多gGirℓ⦄
  12. ๛SOUL父๛GIRL
  13. ■●ŁØVEŁÝ_ĂŇĞEŁ●■
  14. Illegal Girl
  15. ▪Đark gîrl ▪
  16. 亗『LEGEND』亗
  17. ꧁☆VIOLA☆꧂
  18. ꧁༺DҽѵíӀ ցíɾӀ༻꧂
  19. Bдԁ Gɩʀɭ
  20. ࿙༻ᏃᎾᎷᏰᎥᎬ༺࿚
  21. ๛SOUL父๛GIRL
  22. DazzlingツGIRL
  23. ~♤♡◇《PUBG NS Girl^♤》
  24. ◤Sc͢͢͢คrℓeτ◢
  25. ♛ROYAL々GIRL❥

Funny, Cool & Good PUBG New State Names

  1. Mad Cats
  2. Miserables
  3. Karen66
  4. No_Pain_No_Gain
  5. Life of Pie
  6. Tragedy
  7. Friction
  8. Rick N Morty
  9. Riptide
  10. Crank N Bolt
  11. BroCode
  12. Skinny
  13. Mitaka
  14. Gunner
  15. Doomsday
  16. Troop N Treasure
  17. Lady Bug
  18. Slashers
  19. Drogon
  20. Viserion
  21. Last Life
  22. Simpsons
  23. Dark Sword
  24. Daylight
  25. Dandelions
  26. Death Machine
  27. Hurricane
  28. Uprisings
  29. Overthrow
  30. Assassin Squad
  31. Rattlers
  32. Ramsay’sEgo
  33. Dumb & Dumber
  34. Descending
  35. Rebels of Warlock
  36. Admiral Scott
  37. Genius
  38. Mathletes
  39. Sick Fools
  40. Good Game
  41. Dracarys
  42. Insurgents Are Here
  43. Acid Flux
  44. Archer
  45. Iron Hands
  46. Delvina
  47. Purple Lightning
  48. Wonder Woman
  49. Bearded Old Dude
  50. Blood Warriors

Where To Find New Nickname Style Names For PUBG New State?

The only reason people have to struggle to type stylish names in PUBG New State is Android and iOS keyboards don’t have many symbols. And that’s the reason why fans will have to use name generators like Nickfinder and Gamingnicknames.

When you visit these PUBG New States name generators, you will find a lot of names categorized by different symbols. You can also type the desired name on Nickfinder.com and wait until the website shows similar results. If you are having trouble using Nickfinder.com, click on the link to know everything about the name generator.

Alternatively, you can visit this site from time to time as we will keep you updated with new names in the time to come.

How to Change PUBG New State Names?

Once you have entered a name while customizing your character in PUBG New State, you would not be able to change it. However, the developers will soon drop a new patch allowing users to change their names. As soon as the devs drop a patch letting users change their PUBG New State name, we will update this post.

That’s everything you need to know about PUBG New State names and how to find the perfect nickname style IGN.