How To Get Curses In Sea of Thieves?

Learn to make your Pirate look appealing and honor yourself with the badge of pride in the classic Sea Of Thieves.

Since its launch In March 2018, Seat Of Thieves has received unprecedented support from players around the world. The classic Sea of Thieves experience is extensively identified as Adventure mode, where pirates can wander, explore, battle, and loot in a shared pirate paradise.

Adventure is a venue to discover story-driven and encounter-driven getaways, to freely travel the universe, and to progress through the ranks of the trading companies while you aspire to become a Pirate Legend.

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In the game, Pirates can express themselves and even apply some distinct effects on their bodies in order to look different with the help of curses. Hence, to make the Pirates interesting, unlocking and equipping curses becomes the top priority for many players, however, unlocking these curses requires a lot of effort.

These mini vanity objects decide how your Pirate shines and serves as a badge of pride, reflecting what you’ve conquered in the seas. If you wish to make your Pirate more impactful but are clueless about how to get curses in Sea of Thieves, then this guide is likely to be a huge help. Stick with the article till the end to unlock and equip the curses.

How To Get Curses In Sea of Thieves?

You can identify a few curses in the game, each associated with the Tal Tale. Well, if you want to get your hands on the curse, you need to satisfy the appropriate Tall Tale criteria.

After you have fulfilled the relevant commendation of the Tall Tale, the suitable curse will be unlocked.

At present, Sea Of Thieves features the following curses:

  • Curse of the Order
  • Shores of Gold Curse
  • The Ashen Curse

Let’s understand the above-mentioned curses in detail.

1. Curse Of The Order

If you wish to get the Curse of the Order at the beginning of the game, you must activate the Faithful Memory commendation. This commendation is for the Cursed Rogue segment of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale demanding you to collect all the commendations for the Curse Rogue, which necessitates completing the Tale five times.

2. Shores Of Gold Curse

The most desirable curse of the game would be the Shores of Gold Curse for which you are prompted with unlocking the Seeker of Grand Adventure commendation. This commendation is credited for activating all Shores of Gold – implying that you have to finish each Tale five times.

3. The Ashen Curse

The simplest curse to unlock in the game is The Ashen Curse as for this you are required to just get the commendation, the Blackwyche Reborn, meaning you have to conclude every commendation for the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. You must complete the Heart of Fire three times.

How To Equip Curses In Sea of Thieves?

Once you trigger a curse you are supposed to equip it. The process is quite easy just like moving to the vanity chest situated on your ship at each outpost. Engage with the vanity chest and migrate to the Curses tab. Here you’ll locate any curses you’ve unlocked. Choose the curse that you’d like to offer up to your pirate. You can pull it off at any point you like.

Keep checking our website since there are several more curses to be introduced in the game in the near future.

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