Genshin Impact: How to Get Plaustrite Shards

Here's a quick guide on how you can get Plaustrite Shards in Genshin Impact.

Yet another event has started in Genshin Impact after ‘Five Flushes Of Fortune. The latest event ‘The Lantern Rite’ has assigned players a new activity called ‘Theater Mechanicus’. This is more like a minigame and is available through the end of February. In this event, players have to craft Xiao Lanterns. For this, you will need various materials, and Plaustrite Shards in Genshin is one of them.

While many have been struggling to find the material we decided to help players with the details of where they can farm ‘Genshin Impact Plaustrite Shards’. Get complete detailed and efficient farming spots to get the materials from to craft the best Xiao Lanterns during the Lantern Rite event.

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How to Get Plaustrite Shards In Genshin Impact?

Before we start to give you complete details on where you can get Plaustrite Shards let us inform you of the place from where you can acquire Lantern Materials from. These items can be acquired when harvesting any ore or dispatching any Geovishap, Geovishap Hatchling, or Stonehide Lawachurl. You may also get Plaustrite Shards from these sources but that is very rare.

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The first place you must check for Plaustrite Shards is just southwest of Mt. Aozang. There are Geovishap Hatchlings and several Crystal nodes in this location. You can take your time to eliminate them and smash ores to get Plaustrite Shards from them.

Also, players can venture into the Mt. Tianheng, which is located to the west of Liyue Harbor, or to the area southeast of Qingxu Pools. You will find tons of harvestable ores in these locations.

Plaustrite Shards in Genshin will not be the only ones needed to craft Xiao Lanterns, you will also need Lantern Fibers and Wick Materials. Both of which are can be found quite easily by simply harvesting the myriad of plants that are scattered across Genshin Impact’s map and by destroying hilichurl-type enemies and Fatui elites respectively.

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This makes the resources needed to be very rare and not simple to find. Hopefully with good stats and game knowledge players will be able to successfully not only find  Genshin Impact Plaustrite Shards but also all other required materials to craft Xiao Lanterns during ‘The Lantern Rite’.