Evony Mayan Event Guide – Scoring And Leveling Tips

Are you an Evony TKR player looking for Revelation of Maya Guide? Then your search ends here.

Every player enjoys a game where they lose nothing and gain a lot, such as this recurring Maya event. This Evony Revelation of Maya event was live when this guide was published, so read and apply before it expires. Now without further delay, let us jump to the article.

Evony Maya Event – TKR Revelation Guide

Evony Mayan Event Guide

To start this event. Go to the Event Center on the top right side. Tap on the Revelation of Maya. Press the Explore button.

How to Play Revelation of Maya in Evony

  • When you enter this event by following the above steps, you will be given three Mayan Blessing choices.
  • Note that this choice plays a very crucial role as you progress. So carefully read its contents and choose based on what you aim for. Such as if you are aiming to score more, then select an option like Mixed Force, Chain Lighting, and others depending on your troop composition.
  • If the blessing you are looking for is not present, exit the event and relaunch. You haven’t started, so there is no loss.
  • It is time to choose the General and set its troop composition.
  • Tap on View Troops. Press the plus sign beside Select a Main General.
  • Press Select on the General you wish to use. Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the Main General section to see his or her attributes.
  • Now have a troop composition according to its Skill Boost and Specialty. For Example, if your Isabella I is below level 25, then it is better to have more Siege Machine troops as her Skill Boost complements it.
  • Do the same for the remaining General Slots. There are 5 slots, use them all and press Save.
  • The best thing about this Revelation of Maya Evony is that you can use your Generals both in this Event game and outside of it. And nothing will happen even if they get defeated in this event game.
  • Real game starts from here, so keep reading to learn tips on how to win all stages or score more.

How to Win All 20 Stages or Levels

Evony Revelation Of Maya

  • Select one of these Mayan Blessings from Revelation of Maya Evony.
    • Field Hospital
    • Adaptation
    • Laws of Survival
    • Main Force Suppression
    • Lucky Upgrading
  • Remove all fog except poison fog. Poison is green in color.
  • Avoid fighting Mayan Warriors and Mayan Guards.
  • Don’t occupy Typhoon Totem Tower and Crescent Totem Tower
  • Make use of Life Stream, Mayan Camp, Mayan Calendar Stone, and Mayan Market.
  • While choosing buffs select one that complements your troop’s composition.
  • Use these Runes wisely: Dispelling Rune, Rebirth Rune, Holy Wrath Rune, and Prediction Rune.
  • We would suggest that you first play the game with these tips, and once you have won Stage 20, refresh the game and start from the beginning using the below scoring guide.

Mayan Event Guide to Score More and Rank Higher

  • These Mayan Blessings are suited for these types of players.
    • Unstoppable Force
    • Laws of Survival
    • Hand of War
    • Mixed Force
    • Power of Blood
    • Unbreakable Wall
    • Chain Lightning
    • Main Force Suppression
    • Hand of Plague
  • Use the Senior Blade Rune, Senior Recovery Rune, Senior True Sight Rune, Dispelling Rune, and Prediction Rune after Stage 13, as enemies become more powerful after that.
  • Dispel both fog and poison fog.
  • Defeat all Mayan Warriors, Mayan Guards, and Mayan High Priests.
  • Use structures like Life Stream, Mayan Camp, Mayan Calendar Stone, and Mayan Market.
  • Capture all Typhoon Totem Tower and Crescent Totem Tower. Dispel all Poisonwood Totem Tower.

That’s all for the Revelation of Maya event of Evony. While you are here, read other TKR guides like Arctic Barbarians Invasion and Pyramid Ruins tips.