Evony TKR: Pyramid Ruins Tips

Do this to score better in Treasure Hunt.

Evony is one of the few games that keeps introducing profitable events regularly. There are events like the Garuda Trail, Barbaric Invasion, Hydra Invasion, Dawn of Civilization, and Treasure Hunt. Where the Treasure Hunt event is one of the easiest. So if you are planning to participate in this task, check out this article and learn tips for Pyramid Ruins of Evony TKR.

Tips for Pyramid Ruins Treasure Hunt of Evony TKR

Pyramid Ruins Tips Evony

Pyramid Ruins are part of the Treasure Hunt event. They are the exploration spots that have score items. And they are divided into five levels. These ruins are time-sensitive and disappear after every exploration. The event lasts for 10 days and is playable even during Kill Event. So you have to be agile and complete it before PvP. Check out these tips to get the most out of this event.

Use Evony Web

It is easier to find and bookmark the location of the Pyramid Ruins using the web version. Plus, it will help you in finding locations with the most ruins. You can go to Evony’s official site, tap on Play Evony Web, and then use your Facebook id to log in. You do not need to complete this event from the PC. It is just for finding locations.

Teleport Near Pyramid Ruins

There are three reasons to do this. The first is for saving your Advance Teleporter. The second reason is that ruins are time sensitive and might disappear before your troop reaches the spot. And third, someone near that ruin might grab this opportunity and explore it before you.

Check March Lines

If two players from different alliances send their troops to the same ruin, their troops collide. And rather than a reward, you receive a PvP report. This becomes even worse when your troops are weaker than the other player, as you might even lose your General and have to wait for revival.

Explore Level 3 and Up

If you are looking to advance fast, it is better to target high-level ruins. They give the most scoring treasures and are worth spending more Stamina.

These are all the tips players should follow to score better in the Pyramid Ruins Treasure Hunt event of Evony TKR. Since you are already here, go ahead, and check out the best Sub-city generals and Source of Life.