All About Evony Source Of Life (Guide)

Evony is a casual build and battle game with many Historic and Epic Generals. Based on real and fictional heroes and villains, facing some of these Generals during PvP is death. Like Vlad al III can turn 20% of your defending wounded troops into dead troops. So is there a way to save your troop from such a mishap? Yes, the solution is called Source of Life. Now you might be wondering what Source of Life is, where to and when to use it in Evony. If you do, then check out this guide.

Evony: All About the Source of Life

Source Of Life Evony

Source of Life is an item that can revive your dead troops. You can only use this item when you have dead troops. It is a Special item that will show in the Special and All tab of your Items

There are various methods to purchase, obtain, and win them in the Game. The first and cheapest method is taking part in the Viking Challenges. Viking Challenge’s Viking Rescue Chest contains some Source of Life. And the number depends on the difficulty mode. Then there is the next method: Battlefield Shop. This shop is right outside your wall in Battlefield. You just need Dragon Crystal and Badge to purchase them. It is not always available in this shop, but the shop resets after every 30 minutes, so it is worth a try.

This item occasionally pops up in the Black Market too. If none of the above methods work for you. You can go to the in-game store, which you can open by tapping on Gems. The first item under the War tab is Source of Life and can be bought with just 1000 Gems.

Now let us learn how to use them. To use it first tap on the Hospital building. There you will see the Revive option. Select it and use this item. The Source of Life required to revive troops differs with troop level and Academy Research on it. Remember that it will only show when you have dead troops that died several hours ago.

This is all you need to know about the Source of Life in Evony. If you found this guide helpful, then check out the Viking Challenge and how to use Tactic Scrolls.