How To Use Tactic Scrolls In Evony

Here is how to use Tactic Scrolls in Evony.

Evony is an empire-building game. You have a Main city and some Sub cities. Players get to choose the civilization of their Main city from Japan, China, Korea, and more. These cities are developed using various resources and items. Generals, Troops, Beasts, Monarch, and eventually Dragon is your defense and attack force. Tactic Scrolls are strategies used to upgrade your military power. And here is how to use them in Evony.

Evony: How to Use Tactic Scrolls

Use Tactic Scrolls Evony

Tactic Scrolls are used in Military Academy, which appears behind your Keep after you have upgraded Keep to level 36. And then you can build it for use. These are necessary items to use in Military Research. Follow the steps below once you have unlocked and built the Military Academy.

  • Go inside your city by tapping on the earth-like icon.
  • Then check beside your Keep. You will see Military Academy. Its structure is different for all civilizations.
  • Tap on the Military Academy, and then choose “Military Research“.
  • On the upper part of your screen is Ground Troop Formation, Mounted Troop Formation, Ranged Troop Formation, and more. You can now scroll left and right, and then tap on the desired troop type.
  • There is a different type of tactics that can be researched in all the formation sections. Such as Ground Troop has Piercing Spear, Solid Shield, Discipline, Vallancy, and so on. This research is divided into versions.
  • Tap on the option which is unlocked. You will see requirements like Military Academy level, Gold, and Tactic Scrolls required.
  • There are two methods to use them. You can either tap on the Research button or Instant Research. The Research option will take several days depending on the weightage of your research. And Instant Research will use gems to instantly finish it.

That is all you need to do and know to use Tactic Scrolls in Evony. Are you wondering how to get and use Lucky Composing Cards and how to get Scrolls?