Evony TKR: Treasure Hunt Event (Guide)

Read this to know about Treasure Hunt.

Here you get to choose from one of the seven civilizations. All civilizations have their plus and minus points and follow their origin building structures. Developing these cities requires a good amount of resources and items. And there are many ways to obtain them in the game, as the game keeps introducing events regularly. Boss Event, Hydra Invasion, Barbaric Invasion, and Treasure Hunt are well-known events. In this guide, we will learn about the Treasure Hunt event of Evony TKR.

Treasure Hunt Pyramid Ruins Guide for Evony TKR

Treasure Hunt Evony TKR

This event stays for 10 days and is also active during KE. It mostly pops up once a month and is considered one of the best events for getting rewards without any power loss. The only way to earn a score in this event is through the pharaoh’s treasure. And these treasures are found in golden Pyramids known as Pyramid Ruins. They are ancient Egyptian pyramids with buried funerary objects and pharaoh’s treasures.

What You Get From Exploration

Exploring these ruins will get you resources like Ore, Food, Wood, and Stone. Higher the pyramid level better the resource gain. Apart from these resources, you get pharaoh items that expire after the event. They are just scoring pieces. Eye of Horus, Pharaoh’s Golden Box, Pharaoh’s Golden Dagger, and Pharaoh’s Golden Throne are the best-scoring items from the pile of treasure projects.

Ranking and Score Rewards

Monarch Ranking gives you rewards like Gem, Alliance Honor, Speedup, Tactic scroll, and Treasure Box. Alliance Ranking offers most items of the Monarch Ranking rewards, plus Dragon Source Fragment. Getting these ranks might not be easy, so you should aim for Score rewards. They have a Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest that contains Gems, Resources, Speedup, Treasure Box, and more.

That is all you need to know about the Treasure Hunt event of Evony TKR. If this guide was interesting to you. Then also check out Pyramid Ruins Tips and SvS guide.