Evony TKR: SvS Server Vs Server Guide

Read this to know about the SvS event.

Evony The King’s Return is an empire-building game with seven cultures to choose from. Events, Challenges, and competitions take place every week here. So players have to regularly invest their time in protecting their city. And also to accumulate points, EXP, and resources for development. One such recurring competition is Server Vs Server. And this is a guide on SvS in Evony TKR.

Server Vs Server SvS Guide for Evony TKR

This event is launched at intervals of two weeks and consists of two tasks: Server Monarch Competition and Server War. Your server is matched with another server, and you are supposed to win against them in most of the stages. The Server Monarch Competition is broken into six stages. But Server War is only one stage that takes place a few hours before stage 6 of the Server Monarch Competition.

Server Monarch Competition Stages

Except for Troop Killing, which is like a KE event, all other stages can change their sequences. Such as, City Development might become stage 1 in some matches and stage 5 in others.

  • Resource Gathering
  • Power Increase
  • Troop Training
  • Monster Kill
  • City Development
  • Troop Killing

Server War in Evony TKR

Before the start of Server War, the game will send you a warning Mail about it and also send you some Server Teleporters. These Server Teleporters are used during the KE stage or Server War to teleport into enemy servers and destroy or kill their troops and generals. And it lasts for 2 days.

How to Score Points in SvS

SvS Evony TKR

Your server will score points if you complete the Monarch stages and Sever War task. Resource Gathering, Power Increase, Troop Training, Monster Kill, and City Development are base server tasks. And you don’t need to teleport to the enemy server for them. But in the case of Server War, you will need to either teleport to the enemy server and kill their troops or search monarchs that teleported in your server to destroy them. Before teleporting to an enemy server, remember that you cannot bubble up there. Non-harmful way of accumulating points during Troop Killing and Server War is by meeting Fire Spirits and visiting Ares Statues.

Protection and Benefits

During war your Hospital Capacity increases, and healing cost decreases. And new or weak players sometimes get Source of Life too, which is used to revive dead troops. If you are not interested in KE or are new to this game. Then it is highly recommended you put a Bubble (Truce Agreement) on your city. Truce Agreements are purchased from Alliance and War Items Store.

Battlefield Rewards include Gems, Alliance Honor, Alliance Point, Speed Up, Resources Chest, Research Stone, Premium Epic Historic General, and more. And when your server loses the competition, your troop march, gathering, and production speed will decrease for some time. And your troops will be accompanied by a turtle.

This is all you need to know about the Server Vs Server SvS event of Evony TKR. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. If it was, then read how to play Evony and the best Sub City generals.