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Evony TKR: Pyramid Ruins (Guide)

Here is everything you need to know about the Pyramid Ruins event.

Evony TKR is a city development game. It is a fun game with many different events. Some of the most well-known events that the game launches in an interval of a few days are Treasure Hunt, Barbaric Invasion, Garuda Trail, Royal Thief, Boss Monster Event, Advanced Journey, and more. Most of these are easy and profitable for new and lower-level players. So here is a detailed guide on the Treasure Hunt Pyramid Ruins event of Evony TKR.

Treasure Hunt Pyramid Ruins of Evony TKR (Guide)

Pyramid Ruins Evony TKR

This event lasts for 10 days and is active even during KE. So it is better to complete it before PvP arrives. This event usually comes every month. And there are five levels of Pyramids that players can explore during this event. They are gold pyramids that pop up for a few hours and disappear after each exploration or time limit. You explore them like Relic, but there is no map system for lower-level Pyramid Ruins. So you will have to search all over your server and find them.

You can explore them with your alliance members. But the amount of score you receive by exploring as an alliance is a lot less than an individual score. So you might not be able to get the bare minimum score and obtain Monarch rewards if you are a new or low-level player. So you have to be a little selfish and explore them individually and get at least 500,000,000.

How to Score and Rewards

Your rewards are based on the treasured items you explore from the pyramid. Egyptian Palette, Gold Headpiece, Pharaoh’s Golden Dagger, and Egyptian Scarab are some of the items in ruins. And these items don’t add to your Inventory. They are just scoring pieces. So you will only get to keep resource items like Ore, Stone, and more

To get a solid and good reward, you have to score above 5,000,000. Since it’s the score where you receive the Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest. And this goes up to Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest with 500,000,000. After that, you can try to become part of the top rankers and earn even better rewards.

In this guide, you learned about the Pyramid Ruins of the Evony TKR. If you found this article interesting. Do check out the SvS guide and how to play Evony.