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Evony TKR Arctic Barbarians Invasion Explained

Here is all you need to know about Arctic Barbarians Invasion.

Evony has many interesting and valuable events. Such as Revelry Carnival, Crazy Eggs, King’s Path, Gather Troops, Holiday Celebration, and Arctic Barbarians Invasion. In the game, barbarians are described as the northern snowfield tribe. And destroying and occupying their castle gives points and rewards. Want a detailed explanation of the Arctic Barbarians Invasion in Evony TKR? Check out this guide.

Evony TKR Guide: Arctic Barbarians Invasion

Barbarians Castle In Evony

This event lasts for about 10 days. And here Barbarian Castles from level 1 to level 6 spawn around the server. Fighting these castles is the same as attacking a player empire or city, which means you cannot access it with an active bubble or Truce Agreement. So players should try to score as much as possible before KE starts.

How to Participate in the Event

There is no sign-up system or prior requirements for players to participate in this challenge. As they spawn around the map, you can simply search for them by scrolling around.

Preparation for Attack

Even though there are only six levels of castles, their power on each level is not the same. Meaning a level 5 castle at the border of the server might be weaker than one around your city. So, you must scout their castles. The system is the same as any other city attack. Tap on the castle, choose Scout, and send your spy.

You can challenge 10 castles per day, so make sure you have scouted and bookmarked the best ones. Now once you have confirmed their army, use VIP minutes of 30 minutes or 60 minutes worth. It will increase your troop load and give other perks. Then send your troops or fight with the alliance by declaring war on them.

Scoring Guide: It is on Fire

Attacking these castles do not require Stamina, but troop load still applies. Once you have destroyed their castle, it will start burning. And get destroyed in 30 minutes or so. Here is when you earn the most points. You do not just accumulate points from destroying their base, but also by keeping it occupied till it dust. You can check the minimum and maximum troops that can occupy the castle by tapping on it and going to “Detail“. There you will also see their troops buff and total power.

Rewarding System

Rewards are distributed based on your Score and Rank. Ranking rewards are divided into Monarch and Alliance sections. But catching up to them would be difficult on a strong server, so you should aim for Score Rewards that start from 5,000,000 points and give prizes to 1,000,000,000.

This guide explained everything about the Arctic Barbarians Invasion in Evony the King’s Return. Looking for a more same-game article. Read about BoG and BoC alliance events.