Evony TKR: BoG Battle Of Gaugamela (Guide)

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The Battle of Constantinople, the Battle of Gaugamela, and the Battle of Chalons are alliance battle challenges of the game. They are rewarding and recurring events. But unlike many other events, not everyone can take part in this. So if you are wondering who can enter this competition, what rewards you get, and what is the event’s length. Then read this article on the Battle of Gaugamela BoG of Evony TKR.

BoG Battle of Gaugamela Guide for Evony TKR

BoG Guide Evony TKR


The Battle of Gaugamela is a repetitive event that takes place once a week. The event lasts 2 hours, and players are to sign up one day before it takes place. One of the biggest advantages of this battle is that all killed troops except traps and sub are considered wounded. And are sent to the player’s hospital. Plus, healing does not cost resources. Which makes it easy for participants to enter the battle without worrying about losing them.

Battlefield Sign-up System

There are three basic requirements the alliance needs to fulfill to take part in the BoG. The first rule: Alliance should be at least 15 days old. The second rule: They have to rank in the top 20 on the Server. And third: Only R4 and R5 players can sign up for the event. And they get to select 20 players who will participate in the match. These players should be part of alliance for atleast 3 days and have level 15 Keep.

Once sign-up is done, the system automatically matches your alliance with a rival. An alliance with a higher score wins the battle. And if there is no match for your team, then the system will send you a Battlefield Bye Gift.

Scoring Guide

  • Portal Amount 4: Occupy it for 1 minute and get 16 scores.
  • Battlefield Hospital: 1 minute gives 16 points.
  • Blessing Tower Amount 2: Earn 16 points by occupying it for 1 minute.
  • March Tower: 16 scores for 1 minute.

Some of these buildings give boosts too. You can also score by killing enemy troops. And the score earned will differ with the level of troops. The highest you can get here is 155.6 scores by killing 1,000,000 level 15 troops.

This concludes our guide to the BoG Battle of Gaugamela for Evony TKR. If you are wondering how to score fast in Pyramid Ruins and who are the best Siege generals of Evony, then follow the links above.