Best Siege Generals Evony TKR (2023)

Here are the best Siege Machine leaders to have in Evony TKR.

Evony TKR has many Generals inspired by different civilizations, cultures, and fantasies. It divides General Portraits into eight sections. Seven of them are Civilizations, and Others are a mix of many cultures like Thai, Norse, Indian, and more. This might make it hard for players to decide which is worth investing in. Especially with Siege Machines, as repairing them cost Gems. So here are the best Siege Generals of Evony TKR to save your Gems loss.

Evony TKR: Best Siege Machine Generals (April 2023)

Siege Generals Evony TKR


  • Zucca is the third and the greatest king of the golden Empire, who is also known as the “King of Thunder” and “Almighty King”.
  • He is an Awakened epic class General who is part of the Others Portraits section and costs sixty million gold.
  • His base stats are leadership 123, attack 115, defense 113, and politics 110.
  • Supreme Power is his unique ability that can increase Siege Machine’s attack by 40% and HP by 35% when the General is leading.


  • Petronas is an Awakened Byzantine General of the mid-9th century. He was the one who secured eastern borders and set the stage for the 10th-century Byzantine conquest.
  • He is an Awakened General that costs sixty million gold and is part of European culture.
  • The base stats he offers are leadership 118, attack 122, politics 110, and defense 110.
  • Byzantine Commander is the unique ability that lets him increase Siege Machine attack by 40% and defense by 20% when leading the army.

Septimius Severus

  • Septimius is a Roman emperor who created the Severan dynasty. He is an Awakened General that costs sixty million gold.
  • His base stats are leadership 118, defense 118, attack 122, and politic 102.
  • Severan Dynasty is his unique ability. That allows him to increase the Siege Machine attack by 35%.

Mason Weaver

  • Mason Weaver is an investigative photojournalist, who belongs to the Others section of Portraits. She costs sixty million gold.
  • Her unique ability is Friend of Kong. This can increase Siege Machine attack by 20% and HP by 25% when teamed with a dragon or Spiritual Beast.
  • Base stats that she offers are leadership 111, attack 118, politics 106, and defense 123.

Ulysses S. Grant

  • Ulysses S. Grant was a commanding general of the Union Army during the American Civil War who cost forty million gold. And is an Awakened General.
  • His unique ability is Federal Commander. which lets him increase his Siege Machine attack by 15% and an additional 15% if accompanied by a dragon.
  • The base stats this General offers is leadership 114, attack 120, defense 115, and politics 100.

These are all the best Siege Machine Generals of Evony TKR. If you found this list interesting. Then also check out Military Academy and General Harald.