All About Military Academy Of Evony TKR

This is all you need to know about Military Academy.

Evony is an empire-building game with seven civilizations or cultures to choose from. All cultures have their pros and cons, but their basic design is the same, and only architecture is different. Meaning if the Hospital is behind the Market in Korea, then it would be behind it in Russia and Japan too. And this placement goes through little changes as you develop. Such as for players at 20 or even 25, Military Academy is not visible. So when will it unlock, and what is the Military Academy of Evony TKR? If you want to know, then read this article.

Evony TKR: Military Academy

Military Academy Evony

Military Academy like Academy is a research facility of the game. But unlike the Academy, we don’t research every aspect of the city and development. In the Military Academy all focus is on the troops: Ranged, Mounted, Ground, and more. This structure appears behind Keep when Keep reaches level 36. Then you can construct it, and only at level 1 will it let you research.

Research here affects various aspects of your troops, like their HP, speed, defense, and so on. The primary item you require to use this facility’s services are Tactic Scrolls. Even the scroll’s description says that it is a mysterious scroll that records various tactics. And is a necessary item to research Tactics. You can get these Tactic Scrolls from level 4 Ymir, Black Market, Auction, Arctic Barbarians Invasion event, Battle of Gaugamela, and Battle of Constantinople.

To research in this facility, first tap on the Military Academy building. You will see different options circling the structure. Select “Military Research“. Now you will see all the available troop types for research, with divisions like Ground Troop formation and Ranged Troop Formation. Its development tree is just like Academy. So tap on any level 1 research if you are using this structure for the first time. And then hit the Research or Instant Research button.

This is all you need to know about the Military Academy of Evony TKR. If you found this guide helpful. Then check out General Harald and the best Assistant Generals.