Evony TKR: All About General King Harald

Wondering who Harald Bluetooth is? Check out this guide.

Evony the King’s Return is an empire-building game with few cultures and many generals to choose from. And everything including the character’s strength is determined by colors. Golden and Red color Generals are mostly the strongest. But there are many Epic and Historic Generals in this range. So how to know which is worth the investment? You can start with this General King Harald of Evony. Want to know more about him, then check out this guide.

All About General King Harald of Evony TKR

General Harald Of Evony

Harald Bluetooth belongs to European Culture and is an Awakened General. He is the real king that ruled Denmark. And he raised two Christian Stone tablets at the door of the church in Jelling town. That symbolizes the end of the Viking era and the establishment of a new rule, the Kingdom of Denmark. He is a Conqueror of Norway. And it was his reign when Odin was replaced by Christianity. His outstanding military and political knowledge and power helped the Nordic last for a millennium.

His base stats are leadership 110, attack 113, defense 112, and politics 103. Also known as King of the Vikings, which is also his unique inbuilt skill. This skill at star one lessens the enemy troop’s defense by 10 percent. At two stars it decreases enemy Ranged troops and Siege Machine defense by 10 percent. And when appointed as Mayor with two stars he increases training speed in its Subordinate City by 20 percent.

At three stars, he can decrease enemy Ground troop and Mounted troop defense by 10 percent and turn death into a survival rate of +15 percent. At 4 decreases enemy troop HP by 10. Finally, at 5, it decreases enemy attacks by 10 percent.Siege Machine Assault, Sabotage, King’s Ambition, and Harald Bluetooth are his specialties. And he cost sixty million gold. This general is best as a Mayor due to its special skill benefits.

This is all you need to know about General King Harald of Evony TKR. Looking for more such articles. Check out the best Ranged Generals and all about Source of Life.