Epic Seven: How To Progress Faster?

This guide gives you quick tips and tricks to level up fast in E7.

Epic Seven is an animated RPG with over thousands of stories. While the game is a lot of fun, you might sometimes find yourself struggling to make quick progress. You can often make rookie mistakes at the start of the game that hinders your progress later or you might have hit a certain bar and find yourself failing to make any progress. Whichever the case, this leveling guide will help you move forward and progress quicker in Epic Seven.

How To Progress Faster In Epic Seven?


There are a lot of factors that contribute to your progress in Epic Seven. Each decision that you take can influence how fast you will be able to level up. Let us take a look at these factors to see how you can do some quick leveling up to move forward in the game.

  • In-game tutorials: It may not seem like a big deal to skip through the in-game tutorials especially if you are already familiar with the game mechanic. However, skipping the tutorials can actually slow down your progress. This is because players that complete the in-game tutorials are rewarded with exclusive items and gear that are beneficial in moving up through E7’s early stages quickly.
  • Picking a Class: Again, picking a class at the start of the game may not seem like a big deal. However, if you pick a class that does not complement your playstyle, you will struggle to level up in Epic Seven. Warrior is the easiest class to manage but you might want to go for the Mage class if you want to level up faster.
  • Labyrinth Shop: Huche’s Shop is a good spot to get your Artifacts and Charms. Check it every day to see what the shop has to offer to build up your roster. In addition, you can also check in with the Vagrant merchant to see if he has anything useful.
  • Join a Guild: Guilds can help you progress and level up faster. Participating in Guild Wars will yield great rewards whether you win or lose. In addition, your Guild members can also help you out by clearing mobs.
  • Exploration Quests: Exploration Quests will help you understand the map better. Moreover, you will also get Gold Chests during your exploration. You should try to get all of these Golden Chests as they often offer great gear that can help you level up faster in E7.
  • Upgrade your Heroes and Gear: If you ever hit a bar and cannot level up further, upgrading your Heroes and Gear may be the way to level up further. You will have to farm for resources a lot if you want to fully optimize your Gear or Heroes so we recommend only upgrading the best ones.

That is how you can progress quickly in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Counter Arbiter Vildred In Epic Seven?