Evony TKR: Battle Of Constantinople (Guide)

Want to learn about BoC in Evony the King's Return? Read this guide.

Evony is an empire-building game with seven civilizations to choose from. The game has adapted many historical figures and events like the Battle of Gaugamela and the Battle of Chalons. If you are fond of history, dynasties, and mythologies, this game will never disappoint you. And these events are recurring in style, so if you want to participate in BoC. Check out this guide on the Battle of Constantinople in Evony TKR.

Battle of Constantinople Guide for Evony the King’s Return

Killing Scores Of BoC

Constantinople, the capital of the Roman Empire and part of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Latin reigns, has a long history of destruction and creation. Every historian and history enthusiast knows about Constantinople’s battles. So let us now take part in this war and create history.

Overview of BoC (Ranking, Timeframe, Reward System)

BoC in the game is a repetitive event that opens once a week. This battle lasts for 2 hours, and players can sign up one day before the war. After the end of the event, players get rewards based on their scores and outcome. Alliance and Personal are two ranking categories for prizes.

How to Sign-up for Battlefield

Any alliance or player that wants to become part of this battle has to fulfill three conditions.

  • Alliance must be 15 days old.
  • Team should rank in the top 20 on the Server.
  • R4 or R5 members should sign up for the event.

R4 and R5 members choose 20 members who will participate in the battle. To sign up go to the Event icon and scroll to select “Battle of Constantinople”. If you are eligible, you will sign-up. And if you are not, you will see a system message that your alliance does not meet the requirements.

Score Guide for BoC

  • Constantinople: This is located in the center of the field and gives 80 scores if captured for 1 minute.
  • Crystal Mine Amount 8: Keep it occupied for 1 minute and get 16 points.
  • Portal Amount 6: If you keep it occupied for 1 minute, you will earn 16 points. After the 30 seconds of capture, you will also receive one teleport chance, shareable by the alliance.
  • Battlefield Hospital: Occupying this structure will increase your alliance’s healing speed by 60 percent. And also give 16 points if kept captured for 1 minute.
  • Blessing Tower Amount 2: Ruling this structure will give a 20 percent attack and defense boost to the alliance. And also 32 points after 1 minute.
  • Knight’s Hall: Occupy it for 1 minute and earn 32 points. Plus, Knights will attack your enemy every 3 minutes.

You can also earn points by killing enemy troops. And point distribution is the same as Gaugamela. But in case you are unaware of the Killing Score, check out the above picture.

In this guide, you read about BoC or the Battle of Constantinople in Evony TKR. If this is helpful and knowledgeable. Then also read the BoG explanation and Treasure Hunt Event.