How To Reset Stats In Palworld

Regret enhancing certain status over another? Respec your character and reset stat points in Palworld.

As your character levels up in this open world, your priorities will start to change. The Stat Points you assigned to enhance the capacity of one aspect, might now be more beneficial in others. For instance, once you start fighting high-level bosses dodging their attacks will become tough, to deal with that, you need to have a good HP and Defense.

Since at the beginning, the primary focus is on surviving and developing your base, it is given to invest in Work Speed. However, after you have captured and assigned the Pals to different works, you can use them to speed up crafting. Now, this all takes you to the question, how do I respec my character or reset stats in Palworld? No worries, as here is all you have to do for that.

How to Reset Stats of Your Character in Palworld

How to Reset Stats of Your Character in Palworld
Image Credit: FoxyRaven-TV on YouTube

To reset status points you must consume Memory Wiping Medicine. This potion is crafted in the Electric Medicine Workbench, which becomes available at the level 43 Tech. It takes three Technology Points to unlock the recipe. After that, you collect the 40 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards, and 20 Carbon Fiber to craft this workbench.

Note: Currently, it is not recommended to use “Memory Reset Drug” aka Memory Wiping Medicine, as due to a bug it may reduce your capture power. You can stay updated about the issue with Pocketpair Discord Server.

Once you have built and placed the Electric Medicine Workbench in your base, the next thing you need is the ingredients of the potion:

  • 99 Beautiful Flowers
  • 50 Horns
  • 50 Bones
  • 50 Pal Fluids

Petallia, Ribbuny, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, and Lyleen drop Beautiful Flowers. Also, you can get them from the chests of Wildlife Sanctuaries. Horns are bought from the Wandering Merchant for 300 Gold Coins and obtained from several Pals like Arsox, Caprity, Fenglope, and Univolt.

Bones are also purchasable from the Merchant for 100 Gold. Furthermore, Anubis, Bushi, Loupmoon, Vanwyrm, and Vixy drop them. The Last ingredient, Pal Fluid, is dropped by some Water types, like Teafant, Celaray, Kelpsea, Pengullet, and Fuack.

That’s everything on how to Respec your character or reset stats in Palworld. If you looking for more interesting items and features of the Palpagos Islands, check out our dedicated section. Start by learning how to sell humans to make fast money, then find out what you must do to use Smelter.