How To Catch And Sell Humans In Palworld

Syndicate Thug, I choose you, go and fight the Pals or simply get sold for Gold. This might sound strange, but yes, surprisingly you can capture and sell humans in Palworld.

Let’s be honest, like the GTA pedestrians there are many annoying humans in Palworld, such as those syndicate members. However, we have good hearts, we don’t want to kill them, so we would rather just capture and sell them to some shady marketeer for Gold in the Palpagos Islands. Attacking harmless NPCs doesn’t feel morally right, but dealing with these thugs isn’t an issue.

Since the Work Suitability and Skills of humans aren’t as useful as the Pals, exchanging them for money seems like the right option, Unless! You have the two best ones. They might not be very helpful in the camp and factory, but they certainly will save a lot of your traveling time. Wondering who are we talking about and how exactly can you catch them in the game. Scroll a little, and you will find the answer.

How to Capture Humans in Palworld

Capture Humans in Palworld
Use Mega Spheres to catch humans in Palworld (Image Credit: Fynnpire on YouTube)

Note: If you attack an NPC and get noticed by PIDF Infantry, you will become wanted.

If you want to catch humans, you have to first weaken them by lowering their HP and then throw the Sphere. The capture rate is very low even with the high rarity Sphere, so you might have to try several times to become successful. Just remember that regular NPCs don’t have weapons like the syndicate members, so they can easily die.

How to Sell Humans for Gold

How to Sell Humans for Gold
Sell humans to Pal Merchant or Black Marketeer in Palworld (Image Credit: Fynnpire on YouTube)

Once you have caught some, go to the Black Marketeer or the Pal Merchant of Small Settlement to sell them. You will get from 100 to 500+ Golds from it. Black Marketeer can be found in the Abandoned Mineshaft. Use the Desolate Church Fast Travel to get there. Enter the Mineshaft cave and keep walking till you find him.

Most Profitable Humans to Capture in Palworld

Wandering Merchant and Black Marketeer are the best NPCs to capture and keep in your camp. Every time you want to sell a Contraband or any item, you won’t have to find them. You can simply talk and sell or purchase goods from these NPCs. However, catching them is going to be a tough job. Marketeer is high level, and Merchant is usually around the PIDF Infantry. Additionally, they have weapons.

That’s everything covered on how to catch and sell humans in Palworld. To learn about more interesting and strange features, check out our dedicated section. Start by finding out how you can get the Smelter working and change the language.