How To Farm Gold Coins In Palworld

Want to purchase Schematics from Wandering Merchant but low on money? Make some Gold Coins in Palworld with the listed methods.

Unlike some open-world games, you don’t have to completely rely on money to get around in the Palpagos Islands. Still, it is better to have the Gold Coins in Palworld, for the times when you find a unique or powerful Pal in the catalog of Black Marketeer or Pal Merchant. The Wandering Merchant also has good resources and items which he sells for a decent price. Some of the many things you can buy from him are Arrows, Medical Supplies, Schematics, Spheres, and Seeds.

Best Way to Get Gold Coins in Palworld

Get Gold Coins in Palworld
Mau drops Gold in Palworld (Image Credit: DPJ on YouTube)

Capturing and assigning Mau and Mau Cryst Pals to the Ranch gives you a regular supply of Gold Coins. Their Partner Skill, Gold Digger, lets them sometimes dig up the Gold. Mau is a Dark type that tends to hide in caves. If you are looking for them, the best place to search is the dungeon by the Marsh Island Church Ruins. As for the Mau Cryst, this Ice element pal can be found around the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance Fast Travel. You can also breed Pengullet and Mau to get Cryst.

Other Ways to Make Money

Other Ways to Make Money in Palworld
Open Chests to get Gold Coins in Palworld (Image Credit: DPJ on YouTube)
  • Sell Pals and other items to Merchant or Black Marketeer: Pal and Wandering Merchants can be found in many settlements, but the nearest one is in a Small Settlement. Black Marketeer is located in the Abandoned Mineshaft near Desolate Church. Use Fast Travel to go there and sell the ones you don’t need.
  • Sell Humans to Pal Merchant or Black Marketeer: Surprisingly, humans fetch good coins in the market. Syndicate Gunner is even sold for 500+ coins.
  • Open Chests: Gold and Purple chests you find throughout the Palpagos Islands, give a decent amount of money and other items like keys.
  • Beat Syndicate members and other opponents: You can get money after defeating Syndicate Thugs and Gunners in the game. A few Pals like Mau and Vanwyrn also drop them occasionally.

These were all the ways to farm Gold Coins in Palworld. If you found this interesting, you might want to check our other guides, like how to use Smelter and change the language.