How To Recall Hero In Epic Seven

Here is how to recall the hero in E7.

Some heroes in the past few years have been nerfed in Epic Seven. Which allowed players to exchange them with a similar hero. With the help of the Recall hero feature, here is how to use Recall in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven: How to Recall the Hero

Recall Hero E7

Recently Hwayoung was nerfed, and before that Silver Blade Aramintha, ML Leo, and so on. You can only recall them if you own them. Such as, if you want to replace Hwayoung, you first need to have her on your hero list. Let us jump to the steps without far ado.

  • Open your game and go to the Hero section. Scroll from the available hero to find the nerfed one.
  • You will see the “Recall” button in front of these heroes. Tap on that Recall button.
  • It will show all the Awakening/Enhance Rune, Skill Enhance, Level & Grade, and Hero & Memory Imprint that your hero has equipped. And recalling that hero will unequip all the equipment and refund any resources you spent enhancing them.
  • Press the “Recall” button to proceed.
  • Now, you will see the Moonlight Hero Selector Window. It will show you the same grade hero. You can remove duplicates by selecting the “Do not display duplicates” check box.
  • Select the hero and tap “Receive“. Confirm your selection by pressing “Recall“.

Who Can You Select

  • 5 Star Hero: Ruele of Light, Judge Kise, Dark Corvus, Arbiter Vildred, Martial Artist Ken, Specter Tenebriam, Maid Chloe, Specimen Sez, Silver Blade Aramintha, Sage Baal & Sezan, Fallen Cecilia, and Apocalypse Ravi.
  • 4 Star Hero: Shooting Star Achates, Assassin Cartuja, Auxiliary Lots, Challenger Dominiel, Shadow Rose, Wanderer Silk, Celestial Mercedes, Crimson Armin, Blood Blade Karin, Guider Aither, Fighter Maya, Assassin Coli, General Purrgis, Watcher Schuri, Assassin Cidd, Kitty Clarissa, Blaze Dingo, Crescent Moon Rin, Champion Zerato, and Roaming Warrior Leo.

This is all you need to do to recall the hero in Epic Seven. If you are looking for more E7 guides. Check out how to reroll and tier list.